Protect your data

  • Encrypt your files: Tella automatically encrypts your photos, videos, and audio recordings as soon as they are captured.
  • Hide your files in the device: your files are inaccessible from the phone’s regular gallery or file explorer. You can only access them in the app.
  • Lock your files: set a PIN or password to protect your files. Entering the correct lock is the only way to decrypt the files stored in Tella.
  • Mask the app: change the look of Tella to hide it from people searching your phone.

Collect evidence of human rights violations

  • Camera and recorder inside Tella: take photos, record videos and audio directly in Tella so that your files are immediately encrypted and hidden in the app.
  • Tella integrates with Uwazi and Kobotoolbox. Pick the platform that best suits your need and collect data directly in Tella.
  • Offline mode: in areas with limited or no internet connection, you can save your data and submit them when you reach a reliable internet connection.

Tella is free, multilingual, and open-source