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Tella community meetings


Each month, Horizontal hosts a community call with users, partners, or anyone interested in Tella. During these calls, we:

  • showcase Tella’s new features
  • share roadmaps and upcoming developments
  • answer any questions that users might have
  • listen to feedback feature requests so we can incorporate them into our planning
  • host guest speakers who share about their own use and experience with Tella and their learnings


Community calls are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 3pm GMT.


Our community calls take place on Jitsi, a privacy-friendly, open-source video calling platform.

You can join the call using this link:

Safety and privacy


To ensure the safety of all participants, anyone joining the Tella community calls agrees to abide by Horizontal's Code of Conduct. Please take some time to get familiar with it.

Tella community calls are hosted on Jitsi Meet’s public instance. Jitsi does not require sign up and does not collect and retain data about users. However, the link to the meeting is shared publicly and broadly. Please take precautions to keep your identity hided if that is important for your safety (for example, you can use a pseudonym) and avoid sharing any sensitive information during the call.

While Horizontal may take some notes about conversations, questions, and comments during the community calls, we will never record nor share any personally identifiable data about participants (name or organization) with anyone outside of Horizontal.

We may collect general information about the call (number of participants and their country or region, when voluntarily shared) and, to follow up on bug reports or feature requests, take notes of participant name and contact information.