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Tella is Open source

The security and privacy of Tella users is at the core of our mission. It is therefore natural for the application's code to be entirely open-source. This means that it is publicly available for review: anyone can audit our code to verify that we don't misuse user data, that we actually do what we say, and that our code is robust.

Tella's code for both Android and iOS can be accessed here on our GitHub repository. Rather than trust us, you can audit the code yourself or ask someone you trust to do it, or read the reports that independent security firms wrote after auditing Tella’s code.

We also publish and maintain a fully Free and Open Source version of Tella for Android that doesn't contain any closed-source or proprietary library or dependency, and that is free from any trackers. You can find the code for that version of Tella here on Github and in the F-droid store.